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Port Miami - a Carnival cruise ship

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World Travel Photos :: USA - Florida - Miami :: Port Miami - a Carnival cruise ship
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23 Jul 2013
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Port Miami - a Carnival cruise ship

Miami - a city skyline

Miami skyline

Miami - a beautiful road surrounded by water

Miami - yachts in the bay

Miami - "Hard Rock Cafe" in downtown, night time

Miami - a lighted building in downtown at night

Miami. A cafe at the Bayside Marketplace at night

Miami. Cruise yachts at the Bayside

Miami. A building with colorful columns at the dowtown

Miami. High rise condominiums in downtown

Miami. Condominiums in the city centre

Miami. A speedboat for thrill rides

Miami. A bird at the top of the yacht

Miami. Yachts along the harbor at the bayside

Miami. A Water Taxi

Miami. Black-Crowned Night Heron

Miami. Hard Rock Cafe in downtown

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