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War Victory Celebration

All-Russia Exhibition Centre

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Saint Basil´s Cathedral

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Uspensky Cathedral



Moscow. St. Basil´s Cathedral

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World Travel Photos :: Russia - Moscow :: Moscow. St. Basil´s Cathedral
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22 Apr 2013
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Saint Basil´s Cathedral was erected on the Red Square in Moscow in 1555–1561.It was built on the order of Ivan IV of Russia to commemorate the capture of Kazan and Astrakhan. The building´s design, shaped as a flame of a bonfire rising into the sky has no analogues in Russian architecture. The cathedral has operated as a division of the State Historical Museum since 1928.[9] It was completely secularized in 1929[9] and, as of 2010, remains a federal property of the Russian Federation. The cathedral has been part of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990.

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Moscow. St. Basil´s Cathedral

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