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Moscow. Poklonnaya Mountain (Poklonnaya Gora)

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World Travel Photos :: Russia - Moscow :: Moscow. Poklonnaya Mountain (Poklonnaya Gora)
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22 Apr 2013
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The Poklonnaya Mountain is the flat hill in the western part of Moscow. Once the Poklonnaya Mountain was far beyond the borders of Moscow, and from its top one could see the city panorama. Travelers and merchants often climbed the mountain to see Moscow and to bow to the city. "Bow" is "poklon" in Russian, hence the name of the mountain - Poklonnaya. In 1995 the memorial complex was open on Poklonnaya Mountain. It includes the Central Museum of Great Patriotic war, the Victory Monument, and three temples of three religions constructed in memory of those who died during the war.

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Adapted from: Wikipedia - Poklonnaya Hill
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Moscow. Poklonnaya Mountain (Poklonnaya Gora)

Moscow. Poklonnaya Mountain

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Moscow. All-Russia Exhibition Centre

Moscow. All-Russia Exhibition Centre

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Moscow. All-Russia Exhibition Centre. Fountain "Friendship of Nations"

Moscow. All-Russia Exhibition Centre

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