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Downtown Sydney. Darling Harbour

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World Travel Photos :: Panoramic views :: Downtown Sydney. Darling Harbour
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22 Apr 2013
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Most Picturesque Places In Australia

If you plan to make Australia your next holiday destination, don’t forget your camera. Known as one of the most picturesque places in the world, there is no corner of Australia that is not picture-worthy.

Why Visit Australia?

Aside from the obvious natural beauty and diverse landscape, Australia is a place of legendary friendliness. It is filled with ancient rain forests, world-renowned beaches, cosmopolitan cities, exciting entertainment, shopping centres, and great restaurants that offer award-winning wines. There are also the beloved koala bears and a variety of other unique animals and birds that include the yellow-eyed penguin, kangaroo, kiwi and wombat. It is also a fact that Sydney has been voted as a favourite city by international travellers for five years, while Melbourne made the Top 10 list.

Major Attractions

Visitors to Australia will need to keep their digital cameras in hand. This is one country with an abundance of tourist attractions that include a variety of natural wonders. Among the most noted are the Sydney Opera House, Fraser Island, the National Gallery of Australia, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Amp Tower Centrepoint, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Scenic World, the Gold Coast, Kakadu National Park, Port Arthur, Ocean Road and the Great Barrier Reef, to name just a few. There are also numerous rainforests that can be experienced through guided Australian tours.

Photo Worthy Places

There is hardly a place on earth like it when it comes to beauty; Australia most certainly has its share. Some of the most picturesque places in the country include the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef. This reef, which stretches for 2,600 kilometres and is comprised of almost 3,000 reefs, is the largest reef system in the world. The reef is home to numerous fish and coral, and is best viewed from underneath, which means an underwater camera is a good idea.

The city of Uluru is one of the best-kept secrets in Australia. It has become recognised for its outstanding beauty and is constructed from red sandstone. This rich sandstone adds to the uniqueness of the landscape, which is enhanced by a gorgeous backdrop of turquoise water.

Kadadu National Park is where photographers of flora, fauna and wildlife should head. This park is renowned for its large variety of native Australian wildlife, along with numerous species of plants. This park is considered one of the most beautiful in Australia. Other great photo opportunities lie on Fraser Island. The amazing island is one of the world’s largest sand islands.

While the camera is still out of your pocket, Great Ocean Road is another photographer’s hot spot. This coastline road, which is more than 200 miles long, is host to spectacular oceanside scenery. Along the way, enjoy a night or two in some of the quaint hotels and restaurants that make this road so unique.

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